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Mars Pooja—The Power of the Powerless!

Why Mars Pooja?

"Let's not forget that the little emotions are the ones that snowball into greater rulers of our life”. It is the Mars who represents your stability and emotions in your Birth Chart. If you want to feel the best in who are you, then you must stay connected with the Divine propitiator! 

Who is Lord Mars?

According to Vedic astrology, planet Mars is the symbol of energy and vitality. Mars triggers one’s emotions and stability in life.  

If you prefer to be comfortable in your own skin and explore an avenue to display your talents appease the Kuja—he can formulate your courageousness and shower you with providential help

Benefits and Significance

If your Mars is strongly placed, you will maintain the best of relations with people around and will turn out to be a unique in your kind. 

Stay Unique 

Your happy and hitch free married life will be attributed to the strong Mars. He will equip you with powerful radiations that can unknot your financial problems, relationship problems and anger attacks.