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Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam

About Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi

Sri Shatru Samhara is a widely revered and cherished aspect of Lord Murugan. It is a ferocious and immensely powerful avatar of mighty godhead Murugan. Lord Murugan, in this manifestation, resides in six heavenly structures and blesses devotees in all aspects. In this incarnation, Lord Murugan assists his devotees in fighting enemies. Lord Murugan in Sri Shatru Samhara aspect keeps all the evil and vicious energies away from his true devotees. Apart from keeping the negativity of evils away, Lord Sri Shatru Samhara blesses worshippers with a good marital life too. One can get the boons of a happy and stable life by true worship of Lord Murugan in his Sri Shatru Samhara aspect.

Significance of Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam

Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam is a magnet to remove evil energies and foes. It shatters all the adverse forces from life, embellishing life with stability. Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam is the best way to attract the glorious blessings and energies of Lord Murugan. The Homa ritual includes chanting slokas or mantras. Devotional offerings occur, and a sacred fire is lighted in the Homan proceedings.

Benefits of Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam

Here are a few significant boons of Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam:

  • Sri Shatru Samhara Thrisathi Homam keeps the wrath of enemies away.
  • The incredible fire ritual nurtures life with the divine blessings of Lord Murugan.
  • The Homam eliminates the doshas linked with Nava grahas or nine planets.
  • It particularly acts on all the afflicted elements of Jupiter planet.
  • It will help you fight the hindrances your rivalries and enemies bring your way.
  • Attain great feats and accomplish huge milestones in your career with this Homam's aid.
  • It brings peace, calmness and complete rejuvenation to life.
  • The Homan brings success and recognition to devotees.
  • It removes all the obstacles from the devotee's life.
  • The Homam brings eternal joy, happiness and bliss to worshippers.
  • It helps in fighting negative elements, evil energies and unwanted forces.
  • The Homam brings consciousness and spiritual awareness to devotees.

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