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Nadi Astrology

 Nadi Predictions For Children and Life Span

Children bring happiness and fullness to the family.In fact family life is incomplete without a child. Women especially, look forward to having a kid. And parenting is a most gratifying experience. Married couples without children are unhappy and leave no stone unturned to beget a child. Children not only carry forward the legacy of the parents, they also become a symbol of hope to the parents in times of old age. That’s why in conservative nations like India, parents entrust their property to the children so that they take care of them during their old age.


When you seek a nadi reader he can rightfully predict your prospects for children, off-springs and progeny and whether there is any scope for bearing a child. Look for details on birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, death and their overall performances. Here one can find remedial measures to problems as regards children. Also, predictions as to whether the nadi seeker will bear children or not and the details in this matter can be traced.