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Career Forecast Report

Know Your Career Path 


Career and profession is the foundation stone for human life as income is the basis for survival. Career and profession is ruled by the 10th Bhava and D-10 charts and the Karakan graha for career is Sun. Analysis of profession has to be done from several lagnas taking into consideration the running dasa bukthi and transit of planets. We have to check the chara Atmakaraka and chara Atmyakaraka. On in-depth analysis of the Rasi Chart and D-10 Chart, a clear indication of what is in store for the future will be indicated – increments, promotions, change of job, performance incentive, awards and rewards, job opportunity in foreign country or loss of job. Remedies will be suggested for the planets influencing your profession. This report will help in taking right decisions regarding career and profession.


Please note that your reports will be delivered within 72 hours.