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Maha Ganapathy Homam

Divine Principles of God of Wisdom, Blesses Supernatural Powers, Remove Obstacles, Grants Victory, Prosperity


Maha Ganapathy

Lord Maha Ganapathy is the great power of wisdom, who is highly spiritual in celestial well-being, who has the ability to experience the odds, who integrates with the meaning and purpose of life, is the God of Supreme power. He the Lord who possess the highest universal traits is literally called as "Lord Ganesha, the Great". He is the supreme of the universe, sacredly known as "Paramatman", who is an absolute power, supremely self-sustained. To go little beyond we could also say, he is "Self Beyond" or "Primordial Self" spiritually and practically very close to the ultimate absoluteness, where the personality temperaments and physiological attributes of the weak disappears, in his presence. He is the Lord of thirty two forms of Qualities worshipped as the ultimate destiny, beyond imaginations and innovations, who is none other than "Highest Brahman" or "Para Brahman".

Legacy Of Maha Ganapathy

Lord Shiva while in meditation had ordered Lord Nandi not let anyone to disturb his deep meditation. Goddess Parvati wants to meet Lord Shiva but Nandi did not allow her to see Lord Shiva, was terribly upset and was looking for someone to be as loyal as Lord Nandi to Lord Shiva. Once Goddess Parvati, was having her bath and out of turmeric powder shaped it into a form of an handsome boy, blessed and breathed life into a noble form, which gave life to Lord Ganesha.

Once when Lord Shiva was returning after his meditation, wish to meet his consort Goddess Parvati and have deputed Lord Ganesha to Guard as Goddess Parvati was taking her bath and not to let anyone to meet her. Lord Ganesha did not allow Lord Shiva to meet Goddess Parvati and out of anger and furiousness, beheaded Lord Ganesha. When Goddess Paravti saw this she was so depressed and cried out loudly saying Lord Ganesha was her son.

Lord Shiva immediately ordered his men to find a head for Lord Ganesha. The elephant was the first animal that Lord Brahma has first noted when he went with his men to look for one to replace Lord Ganesha's head.  Lord Shiva attached the head to his son torso and brought back the life of Lord Ganesha and also rewarded him for his bravery and courage being the guardian of entrances and lord of new beginnings. This is how Maha Ganapathy has an Elephant head.

Lord Maha Ganapathy Symbolic Icons, Shows The Power  Of Supremacy

1. Applying Sindoor in red color in his forehead, is the color of dawn of new beginning.

2. Depiction of "third eye" on his forehead, is a crescent moon over his head, which denotes his mind's eye or internal eye is invisible, provides perception beyond ordinary vision of thought.

3. Ten Arms holding a lotus, a pomegranate fruit, a Gada (mace-weapon), a Chakra (discus), owns a broken tusk, a pasha (noose), a pot of jewels, a blue lotus, a rice sprig and a sugarcane bow, which symbolizes his powers to perform the tasks of other deities, and his supremacy over the place of worship.

4. Holds a "Citrus" fruit with numerous seeds, which is the symbol of power of creation and representation of Lord Shiva.

5. Holding Sugarcane bow denotes "Kamadeva", god of human love.

6. Rice Paddy roots as an arrow blessed by Goddess Parvati, shows the symbol of Fertility.

7. He also holds, Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu, Gada weapon of Lord Varaha and Jewel Pot which denotes Lord Kubera, the god of wealth

Lord Maha Ganapathy Moola Mantra





Maha Ganapathy Homam - Bless with blissful life, Grant productiveness, New Beginning, Remove Obstacles, Evil Forces

Maha Ganapathi Homam is a powerful Vaidika ritual invoking the powers of Lord Ganapathy or Lord Ganesha, offering prayers to get his divine grace and blessings symbolizes happiness, wealth, brilliance with prosperity. Maha Ganapathi Homam is performed to eradicate all the hindrances in your path and grant success. He is believed to have existed on before the creation of the universe and said to exist after dissolution of the universe, too. He has created Lord Brahma who supported Lord Ganesha in creation of the universe and other creations. Performing Maha Ganapathi Homam is very sacred and auspicious who is associated with six specific rituals called "Abhichara" to overcome uses of spells for malevolent intends, sufferance delusions, irresistible attraction or envy and who never spare wicked devils and will be enslaved, paralyzed or destroyed by his power of wisdom. Lord Maha Ganapathy has aided his father Lord Shiva to fight demon Tripurasura and succeed in defeating the demon with the help of Lord Maha Ganapathy and Lord Shiva also paid his respects to his son, being part to fight the demon. Performing this homam also invokes the powers of Shakti-Ganesha celestial energy where Goddess Parvati holds a lotus in her left hand and hugs Lord Ganesha on the right hand is the symbol of purity and where Goddess Shakti with Lord Ganesha is symbolically identified as the form of Goddess Mahalakshmi is blessed with this appearance with wealth, fortune and nourishment and will be bestowed with boundless life, boundless consciousness, boundless comforts and luxury, removes all obstacles, blesses material and spiritual well-being, good health and prosperity.


  • Bless Highest Qualities, Remove obstacles and troubles in life, being noble
  • Bless Happiness everywhere, Gain Spiritual knowledge and wisdom, remove innocence
  • Bless Boundless Joy and Peace, Bestow will-power, courage and strength
  • Creates a positive vibration in life, ward-off negative forces, evil spirits, demonic forces
  • Bless Good immune system, relieve from infectious disease, gain defensive protection
  • Gain Financially stable, gain wealth and prosperity, remove financial burdens
  • Blessed with healthy habits, being fertile, energetic, gain power of goodness

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Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
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