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Exclusive Rituals for Jupiter Transit Will Favour You in All Types of Situations
Scheduled Live On 12th September, 2017 @ 6 AM IST


Jupiter transit
Jupiter transit

Why Jupiter Transit Rituals Are Important To You


The transit of Jupiter to Libra, the zodiac ruled by Venus, takes place on 12th September, 2017 and it continues to remain there till 10th October, 2018. Jupiter is the master of all planets and that’s why he is called Guru. He bestows upon the native wealth, knowledge, education and happiness. This is a highly beneficial planet and provides the best of everything if he’s favourable in the horoscope. A person can be lucky if he is under the influence of the planet. He/ she can be sure of growth and development, fortune, success, moral gains and religious upliftment.


But on the other hand, the impact of Jupiter transit could have certain negative implications if the planet is placed unfavourably in the horoscope. To counter this effect, Vedicfolks ceremonies specially selected for the day, can go a long way in reducing the bad influences the planet can have on the natives. But the rituals are beneficial to the people of all moon signs in some way or the other. 

What to Expect from Jupiter Transit Rituals


• Provides total relief from doshas of the planet
• For good education and success in career
• Provides relief for business related hurdles
• Grants longevity, wealth and health to all
• Promises marital blessings
• It protects carrying women, blesses childless couples etc.
• Blessings of Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshinamurthy
• Strengthens weak Jupiter and its blessings are certain

Jupiter transit
Mahalaya Amavasya
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