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Get Double Yield on Janmashtami Which Raise Your Business, Career & Spirituality
Scheduled Live On 14th August ,2017 @ 6 PM IST


Krishna Jayanthi Special Rituals


        Sri Krishna Homam & Sudarshana Homam

     Make It Memorable by Boosting Your Business, Career & Spirituality


Krishna Jayanthi Special Rituals

On the auspicious day of Krishna Jayanthi, the blessings of most benevolent God Maha Vishnu come to you instantly through powerful rituals Sri Krishna Homam and Sudarshana Homam thereby providing you with double advantage. 

Sri Krishna Homam on such a day Grants Success and Protects the devotee from enemies and also provides wealth, peace and empowerment. It gives immense relief to those going through negative planetary influences and empowers the devotee physically, spiritually, psychologically and gives benefits mentioned below

   • Solutions for all relationship problems

   • For personality development and courage

   • Solution to problems related to child birth 
   • Annihilates enemies and clears path

                      Sudarshana Homam 

This ritual cures diseases and brings laurels to you as it uplifts career and business and grants success in many spheres like education and all other means of livelihood.

Other benefits of Sudarshana Homam
   • Gets rid of all negativity and obliterate enemies 
   • Shields from black magic and evil eye casting
   • keeps one surcharged with positive vibrations and helps to foresee        dangers

   • Improves your status in society & has healing powers to cures              diseases



Combined with Vaibhava Lakshmi Homam and Manyu Suktha Homam on Janmashtami provides great intensity to the ceremonies. While the former ushers in positivity in the form of prosperity the latter destroys in the form of evil.



Vaibhava Lakshmi Homam - Helps Regain Lost Wealth


Manyu Suktha Homam - Crushes all types of Foes

Krishna Jayanthi Special Rituals
Chandi Homam Special Ritual
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