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32 Forms Of Ganapathi Homam Assures Success,Wisdom & Wealth
Scheduled Live On 27th June,2017 @6 AM IST


32 Forms of Ganesha Homam

​​​Why 32 Forms of Ganesha Homam is so Special 


Lord Ganesha is loved and revered by all. He is so special that devotees perform pujas and other rituals in his name before the start of any major venture. He removes obstacles, eliminates negative forces and provides wealth in abundance. There are 108 forms of Lord Ganesha of which 32 forms are so popular. 


Vedicfolks has categorised the 32 different forms into four types based on their aspects namely Wealth, Drishti (evil eye), Shatru dosha (enemies) and Sarpa dosha. 


For Wealth — The following forms bestow devotees with huge amount of wealth and keep them happy throughout their lives.


Bala Ganapathi, Siddhi Ganapathi, Ucchista Ganapathi, Kshipra Ganapathi, Vigna Ganapathi, Vigna Ganapathi, Heramba Ganapathi, Maha Ganapathi, Lakshmi Ganapathi, Varadha Ganapathi, Ekaskshara Ganapathi, Tryakshara Ganapathi, Haridra Ganapathi, Ekadanta Ganapathi, Shakthi Ganapathi, Vidya Ganapathi and Dvimukha Ganapathi.


For Removing Evil Eye (Drishti) — The following forms abolish evil eye casting that cause severe impediments in the lives of people. 


Dvija Ganapathi, Vijaya Ganapathi, Kshipra prasada Ganapathi, Yoga Ganapathi and Sankatahara Ganapathi.


For Eliminating Enemies (Shatru Dosha) — Sometimes enemies cause lots of trouble and they prevent our lives to go on smoothly. These Ganeshas help to get rid of difficulties and obstacles in lives.


Bhakti Ganapathi, Veera Ganapathi, Urdhva Ganapathi, Srishti Ganapathi, Trimukha Ganapathi and Simha Ganapathi.


For Getting Rid of Sarpa Dosha  Sarpa dosha is caused by faulty positions of planets in the horoscope. It may also occur if one’s ancestors have harmed snakes or other reptiles in their lifetime. These Ganeshas prevent this major issue from causing harm in the lives of devotees.


Taruna Ganapathi, Nrithya Ganapathi, Dhundhi Ganapathi, Durga Ganapathi and Rina Mochana Ganapathi.


The 32 Forms of Ganesha Homam dispels all obstacles, eradicates enemies and doshas and provides success, wealth and protection. It wards off bad Karmas and all types of doshas in the horoscope. So, it’s important to worship all these forms to get multiple benefits. 


Scheduled Live on 27th June, 2017 @ 6 AM IST

32 Forms Of Ganesha Homam
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