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Last Call: Rituals on Kurma Jayanthi to Lord Vishnu is a Great Vedic Solution For Success, & Wealth in Surplus
Scheduled Live on July 10, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


dasavatar homa

Find Stability in Success, Eliminate Sins & Achieve Surplus 

Wealth with Ten-Fold Blessings of Lord Maha Vishnu


Dasavatara Homam On Kurma Jayanthi


Scheduled Live on July 10, 2018 @ 6 PM IST 

Dasavatara is the ten major manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Kurma is the second of the ten. Kurma Jayanthi is an auspicious day that celebrates the birth of Lord Vishnu in his Kurma (tortoise) avatar. Worshipping the the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Kurma Jayanthi day helps to find stability in success and achieve surplus wealth. Invoking Lord through Dasavatara Homam brings Ten-Fold Supreme blessings of Lord Maha Vishnu.  Also, Dasavatar Homa is so befitting on the day of Kurma Jayanthi as it not only pays obeisance to Lord Vishnu in his avatar as Kurma but also all the other nine avatars that bring great multiple blessings to the devotee, that too on a single day. 

dasavatar homa

The ten avatars of Lord Vishnu that bestow mankind with multifold blessings


Mathsya Homa - improves Health and Wealth
Kurma Homam - Bestows Success and Stability
Varaha Homa - Helps Lead a Trouble Free Life
Narasimha Homam - The Best Method to Achieve Goals
Vamana Homam - Removes Complexities in Life
Parashurama Homam - Eliminates Fear and Enemies
Rama Homam - Removes Negativities and Doshas
Balarama Homam - Helps Achieve All Objectives
Krishna Homam - Ensures Success in Career
Kalki Homam - No More Pain and Troubles

Adding Intense Power to Kurma Jayanthi Ceremonies


Vishnu Sukta Parayanam: The chanting of this Maha Sukta gives peace of mind and keeps away evil and makes you wealthy, healthy and prosperous.


Sarangapani Temple Puja: A puja in this temple fulfills all wishes of the childless, grants marriage blessings and a peaceful family living. Also people with physical and mental ailments can cure their diseases here, planetary doshas of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are also nullified with a puja in this temple


Energised Kurma Meru Yantra: This Energised Kurma Meru Yantra is a great blessing that increases the flow of positive energy and grants wealth and good health.

dasavatar homa
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