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Make Good Your Love Life, Strengthen Family Bonds & Acquire Child Blessings with Kamakhya Devi Rituals
Scheduled Live On July 6, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


kamakhya homam



Put Right Your Failed Love Relations, Strengthen Family Bonds, Stay Fortuitous & Acquire Child Blessings


Scheduled Live On July 6, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

kamakhya devi homam

Goddess Maha Shakthi, the ever powerful, manifests herself in various Shakthi peethas or sacred seats. Goddess Kamakhya is Mahashakti personified who is the source of creation, also a symbol of fertility and desire. Worshipping the powerful tantric Goddess Kamakhya Devi solves love or relationship-related problems to a great extent. She paves way for progress in life so that one reaches greater heights in all undertakings. if you are unlucky in love, here is the solution to reconcile with your estranged love, if you want to improve family relationships, then Kamakhya Homa can be very beneficial. The homam also knocks off all negativities especially from adversaries who want to create havoc in your life. 

Benefits of Goddess Kamakhya Homam


• Fulfils all long-standing desires or wishes of the devotee.
• The ritual eradicates kalathra dosha ( marriage issues) or problems related to the          seventh house in a horoscope.
• It also clears kanni dosha that is sinful acts against young girls, and provides a solution      to aikya madya dosha (problems related to unity in the family, society etc) 
• The goddess ensures that your dreams materialise successfully.
• Provides relief to relationship problems especially within the family.


Powerful Ceremonies to Please Goddess Kamakhya Devi


Maha Meru Puja: It is believed all deities manifested from this great seat of power and the Mother herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru. It blesses the devotee with popularity, power, authority, peace, a lavish life, abundance and success.


Sukta Amrita Chakra Puja: It helps in prolonging our life and bestowing one with good health. A puja to the Sukta Amrita grants you all blessings of Mahashakti like power, vitality, knowledge, fortune and prosperity.


Kamakhya Temple Puja: A Puja in this temple eradicates hassles and bestows you with trouble-free relationship especially within the family.


Energised Shree Chakra Pendant: The yantra offers prosperity, materialistic comforts, harmony and peace where it is present. It bestows spiritual progress, name and fame.

kamakhya homam
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