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Last Call: Chandi Homam & Dhumavati Homam empower Victory and Eliminate all Your Vital Problems
Scheduled Live on June 20,2018 @ 6 PM IST


dhumavati jayanthi

Remove Acute Problems & Empower Victory with Chandi Homam on Dhumavathi Jayanthi 


Chandi Homam and Dhumavathi Homam 


On Dhumavathi Jayanthi / Scheduled Live on June 20, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

dhumavati jayanthi
dhumavati jayanthi

Goddesses Chandi & Dhumavati, powerful forms of Mother Shakti, remove serious problems and sins. Chandi represents feminine energy and worshipping her will lead to various benefits. Workship of Chandi helps to clear all the obstacles on the path to success. The appearance of Goddess Dhumavati, the seventh of the Dasa Mahavidyas, on the Ashtami day during Shukla Paksha in Jyeshta month is observed as Dhumavati Jayanthi. People worship the goddess on the day to remove miseries, frustrations, mental aggression and other sufferings. Since she’s an incarnation of the ever-powerful Mother Shakti, a Chandi Homa and Dhumavati Homa on the day of Dhumavati Jayanthi can bring plenitude of blessings to the devotee to overcome sorrows & and the goddess blesses with all round success

Benefits of Rituals On Dhumavati Jayanthi


• It ensures power & supremacy for being victorious & prosperous
• Reduce karmic issues and doshas to reach high levels in life.
• It prevents great loss and misfortune
• Removes monetary shortages and bestows financial stability.


More Rituals To Boost Power On Dhumavati Jayanthi



 Vidya Ganapathy Homam Helps Achieve Career Goals & Score High In Exams

 Maha Meru Puja Grants Material Wealth & Success

 Devi Suktam Parayana & Homa Protects Against Evil Eye, Negative Forces

 Ratri Sukta Parayana Homa Grants Peaceful Sleep & Tranquillity
 Bhagya Suktam Appeals to Bestow Wealth in All Forms


Special Temple Puja and Energised Products


• Thiruvottiyur Vadivudai Amman Temple Puja: A puja in this temple cures one of all illnesses, grants wedding boon, general welfare of children and child boon. Even adverse effects of malefic stars in the horoscope can be nullified.

 Energised Chandi YantraThe Chandi yantra is a very powerful yantra that fetches the blessings of the powerful Goddess Chandi. It is useful for eliminating negative powers, grants progress in professional and personal life.

• Energised Double Duck Kumkum Pot: Kumkum or vermillion represents Shakti, the goddess, and also power. It is applied on the forehead for sacredness and auspiciousness.

dhumavati jayanthi
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