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Rituals to the Sun, Ruler of Destiny, Can Solve Your Financial Crisis and Grant Power & Energy
Scheduled Live On May 4, 2018 @ 6 AM IST


agni nakshatram

Get Power & Energy to Solve Financial Crisis 

By Invoking Ruler of Destiny



Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam

agni nakshatram

Of the nine planets that rule our destiny, the sun is the chief of them all. He is the prime figure that’s a major source of sustenance. Surya is known by many names. The sun decides your destiny as it is the most powerful of all planets in Vedic astrology. It stays in each rashi for a month and takes twelve months to complete one full circle of twelve rasis. Since he is the guardian of the east, he blesses his devotees with affluence, good health and fame. The Agni Nakshatra which is a dosha period lasting for 21 days. Money lent will not be returned, journeys will be unsuccessful and diseases will not be cured during this period. Therefore Invoking the lord sun through this Homam during this period helps to safeguard us against all misfortunes. 

Special Rituals On Agni Nakshatram 


Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam
Agni Sukta Chanting
Suryanar Temple Puja
Energised Sun Yantra


Benefits of our Rituals:-


Helps growth in career and service
Paves way for suitable situations
Awards affluence and pulls you out of financial crisis
Ensures happiness, power and energy
Materialises your dreams and wishes
Guides and helps human beings strive towards perfection 
Relief from skin ailments, good eyesight, strength and energy
Bestows you with growth in career, mental strength and success

agni nakshatram
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