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Perk up Your Career and Remove All Unforeseen Diseases and Evil with Rare Devi Rituals
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devi combo
devi combo

Seven days after the festival of Holi, the Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated during the spring season in the month of March or sometimes April. Summer months may be harsh and during the time people struggle for their lives unable to bear the heat which may also have adverse effects on their life. It is believed that worshipping Mother Sheetala, the goddess of healing, on her Ashtami would prevent you from encountering deadly diseases. She is a mother to her devotees and takes care of tiny tots and cures their diseases, especially related to sores, pustules, skin rashes etc. On the other hand, Goddess Pratyangira is no less. She protects her devotees from evil in all forms and to a true devotee she’s a protector par excellence. The goddess is the embodiment of dharma (righteousness), truth and justice. She frees her devotees of Karma, grants salvation and takes care of our business and career. She cools down our negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy etc and solves all monetary problems. Worshipping the two Devis in the month of Durga Saptashathi is considered very auspicious. 
Performing Pratyangira Devi and Sheetala Devi fire rituals (homam) on the auspicious day of Sheetala Ashtami helps you tackle the onslaught of summer. It keeps you disease free, healthy, prosperous and evil free. 

Special Ritual & Products 


 Pratyangira Devi Homam

• Sheetala Devi Homam

• Sheetala Devi Temple Puja 

• Pratyingira Yantra Puja 

• Pratyingira Yantra 

Here’s What Pratyangira Devi Homam Does To You


• Get rid of all types of Black Magic, witch-craft and evil eye  
• Stay clear of negative energy and evil forces
• Blesses you with excellent career and business
• Removes all types of obstacles
• Find solutions to all incidents causing mental trauma
• Remove negative forces, pain, fear and suffering from your life. 


Here’s what the Cool Goddess Sheetala Devi Brings To You 


• Sheetala Devi grants favours or kindness 
• Quick Recovery from Small Pox/Chicken Pox and other skin infection 
• Get Relief from heat-related diseases
• Purifies blood by killing all bacteria or viruses that cause infections
• The goddess grants you with the best things in life
• Removes all physical sufferings of children
• Shoos away ghosts, evil spirits that haunt toddlers
• For  a long & healthy life free of ailments 

devi combo
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