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Wealth Creation & Spirituality Protection combo for Vaikunta Ekadasi and Arudra Darshan
Scheduled Live On Dec 29, 2017 and Jan 2, 2018 @ 6 PM IST





Achieve Infinite Power From Universal Deities 


Maha Vishnu, Lord Shiva On Vaikunda Ekadasi & Arudra Darshan

wealth and spirituality combo

Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017: A Day When Doors of 

Heaven Open for Material and Spiritual Blessings


Vaikunta Ekadasi is the day to get the direct blessing of Lord Vishnu. On this day God will open the doors to heaven for his devotees. Rituals on the day purifies one’s soul by removing all the bad Karma and kick starts a new life afresh. We at Vedicfolks are going to perform Narayana Kavacham Homam and special pujas on this day, which will protect and safeguard you from all evil and open doors for plenty of spiritual and wealth blessings.

Vedicfire Rituals on Vaikunta Ekadasi | Scheduled on Dec. 29 @ 6 PM IST

Narayana Kavacha Homam - Get the Superior Blessing from all kind of suffering
Powerful Mantras chanted during this homam has power to shield against calamities, diseases & misfortunes and also clears all planetary doshas especially of Mercury and Jupiter.

Moksha Lakshmi Puja - Worshipping the Goddess Moksha Lakshmi on Vaikunda Ekadasi day satisfy all material desires and helps to obtain moksha.

Sudarshana Chakra Puja – The chakra is the ultimate weapon to destroy the enemy. The puja to the powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu on Vaikunta Ekadasi eliminates all negativity and afflictions.
Dwarapalaka Puja – Worship these gate keepers of heaven to escape from unforeseen dangers and also attain Moksha.
Veeraraghava Swamy Temple Pooja - This temple is one of the 108 divya desams. Pooja to the deity in this temple cures diseases and restores good health.

Arudra Darshan 2018: A Day When Lord 

Shiva’s Blessings Reach Earth Directly


Arudra Darshan celebrates the rapturous movement of Lord Shiva. On that day the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva  is visualized in the form of golden red flames that dances in every particle of universe. It is believed that on this day the lord's energy is closest to the earth. On Arudra Darshan devotees will able to get the complete blessing of Lord Shiva. On Such a day Vedicfolks decided to do the powerful Rudrayamala tantra homam which is well situated on Arudra Darshan  to enhance the power of lord. The homam grants the superior protection and blessing of lord. 

Vedicfire Rituals on ArudraDarshan | Scheduled On Jan 2 2018 @6PM IST

Rudrayamala Tantra Homam  - Gratifies 364 Desires that one's wants in life 
This Homam on arudra darshan seek protection for the devotee. The homam is so auspicious that it is equal to sighting the lord shiva with his consort in heaven. It also bestows sanctity and salvages your financial losses.

Rudra Abhishekam - A person doing Rudrabhishekam on Arudra Darshan will get moksha for an entire life time and also it has the power to get rid off sins of many births. 

Ganga Devi Puja  -  A Puja to Ganga devi not only washes off sins, it eliminates all water related problems of the body like swelling of oragns, kidney afflictions, urinary problems and many more.

Pallikondeshwarar Temple Puja - Lord shiva will be seen in the sleeping form only in this temple. The Poojas to the deity solves the career related problems by helping to reach high position and unbelievable promotion and also the temple god has a power to solve the matrimonial happiness 

wealth and spirituality combo
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