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Get the Blessings of 11 Rudras on Karthigai Deepam & Protect Yourself from Evil Energies Too
Scheduled Live On December 2, 3 2017 @ 6 PM IST


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Rudra Ekadasa Shanthi Vedicfire Rituals


The Thiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam is a famous festival celebrated to mark the appearance of Lord Shiva as a column of fire.  On such an auspicious day, the chanting of the hymn Rudra, which is a powerful invocation of Lord Shiva, is highly favourable. The Rudra is divided into two parts – the Namaka and Chamaka. In Namaka the verses end with ‘namo’ and in Chamaka they end in ‘chame’ which means give me.  When one chants the Rudra eleven times it is Ekadasa Rudra. The Namaka is chanted eleven times along with a part of the Chamaka. Eleven Ekadasa Rudras make up a Maharudra which in turn constitutes an Adi Rudra which is the ultimate invocation of Lord Shiva. Therefore, Rudra Ekadasa Shanthi Vedicfire Rituals on Karthigai Deepam invokes the powerful eleven forms of rudras that remove your karma, fulfills all desires and give you blessings of prosperity. It also improves your financial status so that you can lead and happy and prosperous life. The yagya also heals your mind body and soul and therefore paves way for spiritual growth. 


In addition to the rituals that will be performed on the day, here's what you get:


Kailasanathar Temple Puja – It is said that a person going through the circumambulation passage of the temple attains Moksha.

Panchaloha lingam Statue –  A puja to this holy sculpture everyday gives vibrations of peace, harmony and unity.


Chandika Devi Vedicfire Rituals 

A very powerful manifestatation of Goddess Durga, Chandika was created for destroying demons Shumbha, Nishumba, Raktabeeja and Mahishasura.  She is a combined form of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga. She is the most ferocious incarnation and is responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction. The very word Chandika means vanquisher of foes and negative forces. But at the same time she is a very benevolent mother who protects and grants all wishes of her devotees. Highly potent mantras are chanted to invoke the goddess to get her blessings. From the ritual, one achieves success in all endeavours, job placements, reprieve from legal issues etc. If you are an artiste, you can hone your skills further with this yagna. It wards of all planetary disturbances and ill effects of black magic and witchcraft.


Besides our powerful rituals, here's what you get from the Chandika ritual:-


Pratyangira Devi Temple Pooja – A puja in this powerful temple ruled by Goddess Pratyangira repels all negative forces like black magic, evil eye etc. 

Energised Goddess Durga Statue – This energised idol emits positive vibrations to the place where it is placed.

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