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Rudra Ekadasa Shanthi Vedicfire Rituals 

Karthigai Deepam is a very important festival celebrated predominantly in the south of India. This festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to be one of the oldest festivals celebrated.  In Thiruvannamalai, the festival is celebrated on a grand scale for ten days and on the final day, a light is seen in the hills called ‘deepam’. Vedicfolks is performing the Rudra Ekadasa Shanthi Homa that is a very powerful ritual that invokes the eleven forms of Lord Shiva. The yagna, to be organised on December 2, 2017, protects you from bad forces and other negative energies. It neutralises karmic issues that causes problems related to health, business, finance, career etc. it also protects from malefic planets in natal charts. 
Here are the special rituals that will be performed on Karthigai Deepam :-
• Rudra Ekadasa Shanthi Homa
• Rudram Krama Archana
• Rudra Abhishekam
• Vasavadharai Ritual

Chandika Devi Vedicfire Rituals 

Goddess Chandika is a powerful deity with a combined power of the trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She protects her devotees from all negative energies like sorcery, witchcraft, evil eye, wipes out doshas of all types and negative pressures.  The Tripura Bhairavi Jayanthi is the perfect day to invoke this divine force through the Chandika Devi Vedicfire Rituals. The Chandika Homa, to be organised on December 3, 2017, grants success in business and other ventures, it gives success in education, clears legal tangles, makes job recruitment easier etc. It has the power to cure disabilities like mental disorders and severe afflictions, also to stave off problems due to malefic planets in birth chart, clear vasthu complaints and so on. Chandika Devi homa gets rid of spirits like Brahmayaksha and Gandharva dosha besides removing negative energies like sorcery, voodoo and witchcraft.
Here are the special rituals as part of the Chandika Veidcfire Rituals 
• Chandika Devi Homa
• Tripura Bhairavi puja
• Chandika Moola Mantra Japa
• Kushmanda Bali 

Supreme Consciousness Combo
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