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Transform Your Bad Time to Good One With Special Rituals to Akasha Bhairava
Scheduled live on November 10, 2017 @ 6 PM IST


kalabhairava jayanthi

Akasha Bhairava, the chief of all Bhairavas is also called the God Of Sky. Akasha Bhairava Vedicfire ritual ensures that all impediments in business and other occupations are removed completely. It eradicates dosha especially Balarishta Dosha, which is a period of unfavourable conditions for a child until he/she reaches a certain age. The ritual to Akasha Bhairava results in complete annihilation of enemies, fear of all negative forces or energies and also inner conflictions like anger, lust, ego, greed or procrastination. In fact, the lord sees to it that even your enemy is destroyed in the spot forever. The god also makes sure that all your bad time is converted to good and no obstacles come in way of your progress. 


Here’s a List of Powerful Ceremonies For Kalabhairava Jayanthi


• Akasha Bhairava Homa
• Vatuka Bhairava Puja
• Vanadurga Puja
• Kalabhairava Yantra Puja
• Sri Mahabhairava Rudra Temple Puja 


Highpoints of Akasha Bhairava Vedicfire Rituals


• Transform your bad time to good one
• Destroy enemies at the very spot
• Eliminate inner conflictions like anger, greed, ego etc
• Remove poverty, black magic threats 
• Get all types of prosperity 
• Get protection from planetary afflictions 
• Achieve longevity, courage and victory


kalabhairava jayanthi
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