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Make Your Troubled Time More Favourable By Worshipping Akasha Bhairava, Chief of All Bhairavas, On Kalabhairava Jayanthi
Scheduled live on November 10, 2017 @ 6 PM IST


Kalabhairava jayanthi

How Kalabhairava Can Favour You on Kalabhairava Jayanthi

Lord Kalabhairava is a form of Lord Shiva but a fierce form at that. He sharpens the time management skills and makes his devotees manage time intelligently. He is also called kshetrapalaka, the guardian of temple. After the closing of temples every day, the keys are handed over to the god and also taken back while opening the temple. The lord grants protection power in this world that is full of violence, anger and hatred. 

Also, if one needs to be at the right place at the right time this god needs to be worshipped. Wasting time is like insulting Kalabhairava and when we worship, the lord helps us make use of time constructively.

What Impact Can Akasha Bhairava 

Create On Kalabhairava Jayanthi


On the auspicious occasion of Kalabhairava Jayanthi, the birth anniversary of Kalabhairava, Vedicfolks is performing Akasha Bhairava and other powerful rituals. Akasha Bhairava is the chief of the Bhairavas and is the God Of Sky. He removes bad omen from the life of devotees. He grants good health and happiness and is worshipped at the start of any big event or ceremony. He is the most dangerous form of Lord Shiva with a frightening appearance. On this day, he is most benevolent and fulfills wishes of his devotees. 


Vedicfire Rituals on Kalabhairava Jayanthi


• Akasha Bhairava Homam
• Vatuka Bhairava Puja
• Vanadurga Puja
• Kalabhairava Yantra Puja
• Sri Maha Bhairava Rudra Temple Puja 

Kalabhairava Jayanthi
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