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Kalabhairava Vedicfire Rituals Make Sure That Your Tough Times Become Favourable To You
Scheduled live on November 10, 2017@ 6 PM IST





Resolve Your Bad Times To Good Ones




To the God of Time Make Sure That 

Your Tough Times Never Last


Scheduled live on November 10, 2017 @ 6 PM IST


kalabhairava jayanthi

Kalabhairava Jayanthi is celebrated as the birthday of Kalabhairava, the Lord of Time. By worshipping this fierce form of Lord Shiva, the controller of Time, your bad times are changed to good ones, and that's why he is called Kalabhairava, where Kal means Kalam or Time.  He ensures that all your tasks turn out favourable to you. He protects you from all eight directions (Ashta Bhairava) while you embark on a long journey and with him to guard, you need not fear, for no obstacles will stop your journey ahead. Vedicfolks’ Vedicfire rituals on Kalabhairava Jayanthi are so powerful that not only your time management skills are sharpened, evil spirits are also kept in check. It also makes sure that you maintain good health, gives courage and promises growth in all your endeavours.

Propitious Rituals On Kala Bhairava Jayanthi


Akasha Bhairava Ritual 


Akasha Bhairava, is the chief of all Bhairavas, he rules and controls all other Bhairavas and hence for positive prospects favourable to you, revering this great form is highly worthy.
It ensures that all impediments in business and other occupations are removed completely. It eradicates dosha especially Balarishta Dosha, which is a period of unfavourable conditions for a child until he/she reaches a certain age.
The ritual to Akasha Bhairava removes even a trace of your enemy, fear of all negative forces or energies and also inner conflictions like anger, lust, ego, greed or procrastination.


Vatuka Bhairava Puja 


This Puja eliminates poverty, financial affliction, fear of black magic.
Get all types of ashiwarya(prosperity) by worshipping Vatuka Bhairava
Vantuka Bhairava Puja Protects You from Fear and Danger


Vanadurga Puja 


Vanadurga is a form of goddess Durga who is deity of the forest. She makes sure all forms of misfortunes are alleviated in one’s life.
The goddess protects you from astrological and planetary afflictions.
It Keeps Away Evil Forces, Eliminates Misfortunes


Kalabhairava Yantra Puja 


If you are on a long trip, the yantra guards and protects you from potential hazards. The yantra works only when it’s energised by chanting proper mantras. It provides relief from debts, multiplies income by planning schedules ahead. It also wins over enemies, success and materialistic comforts. To complete all your tasks in time, the yantra is very useful. It helps you manage time and emits powerful radiations so that you can manage all your tasks efficiently and accurately.

kalabhairava jayanthi
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