Nadi astrology


Some millions of years ago, the maharishis of that time could predict the past, present and the future owing to the power of vision that they were blessed with. All these predictions were written on Nadi leaves, the texts etched on them was an ancient Tamil script. It is said that Maharishi Agathiyar, who had highly advanced consciousness wrote the scripts in Vattezhuthu, an ancient Tamil lettering. It is said that each and every person who lived in those times and also the future generation had a Nadi prediction for themselves. But the leaves state that only if a person has in his Karma that he is to have the services of the Nadi, he will get his leaves.

An interesting tale relating to the past is that the primary centre for Nadi astrology is in Vaitheeswaran temple near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu in south India. According to legend, Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a doctor and alleviated the miseries of the devotees. The texts were originally written on animal skins and some leaves, and later they were copied on palm leaves and were preserved by applying herbal saps.

In Nadi astrology, the thumb impression is taken to identify the particular leaf in order to predict the future. Each thumb impression has about 108 aspects like Shanka rekha, Chandra rekha, chakra rekha etc. These aspects are used to locate the nearest bundle and our skilled readers at VEDICFOLKS try to match it with both the personal and family details of the person.

The palm leaves are a set of highly organised manuscripts divided into sixteen chapter or ‘kandams’. These chapters serialise the various aspects of materialistic and spiritual life of an individual such as family, marriage, profession, wealth, luck, relationships between brothers and sisters etc. Other chapters divulge details about previous birth and sins, problems and their solutions etc.  

The unique and fascinating belief of Nadi science is that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the reader at a predestined age and at a predestined time and that makes it different from other occult sciences.

So try Nadi astrology. It’s something different and rare!

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