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Dual Spring Combo Rituals

Powerful Deities and Strong Rituals with Multiple Benefits 


Do you know what our super spring combo is all about? Well, it’s one of its kind—five in one—combination of rituals invoking six powerful deities of the Vedic pantheon.

The Supreme Trinity Rituals


Invoking powerful Gods Pratyangara, Narasimha and Sarbeshwara have very strong benefits. They not only remove obstacles and negative energies that harm you, but also uplift your life so that there’s no looking back.

Pratyangara Homam -  Helps
get rid of all Black Magic and evil eye casting. 

Narasimha Homam    - Brings peace and prosperity to your home.

Sarbeshwara Homam ` - Neutralises the harmful effects of black magic.



Satyanarayana Pooja and Homam

The Satyanarayana homam brings wealth and abundance to you. Lord Satyanarayana is the most benevolent and soft natured of all the gods and devotees just need to think of him and he showers his blessings on them. 


So, plentiful blessings coming your way and grab our special offer of the season.



USD 133.00
  • Homa to Pratiyangira
  • Homa to Lord Narasimha
  • Homa to Lord Sarabeshawara