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Ramakrishna Jayanthi: A Day to Revere a Great Guru & an Absolute Devotee of Mahakali

Mahakali Homam

 Dismiss Darkness from Life, Enjoy Vast Success & Thrash Enemies
Scheduled Live On March 08, 2019 @ 6 PM


Mahakali Homam - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Ramakrishna – A Yogi Who Realised That God Exists In Every Form of Life

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a simple yet great yogi who was a great devotee of Goddess Kali. Born in 1836 into a poor family in Kolkata’s Hoogly district, Ramakrishna was religiously inclined during a very young age. He had a divine vision of Goddess Kali and experienced episodes of spiritual ecstasy and trance while performing his daily duties as priest in a Kali temple. His madness for love of Goddess Kali was so strong that he visualised his wife Saradamani as the goddess and performed Shorshi puja for her.
Vedicfolks performs Guru Puja to this great stalwart of the country on the day of Ramakrisha Jayanthi which falls on February 17, 2018. While Ramakrishna got his entire religious knowledge through individual spiritual experience, a great part of Ramakrishna’s life was spent in training his disciples.He was a pioneer in Aditya sadhana and realised that god exists in every form of life.

Maha Kali HomamWhy Mahakali Homam on Ramakrishna Jayanthi

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was fascinated by Goddess Kali. She was his ‘ishtadevata’ (Goddess of Love). He was appointed as a priest in a Kali temple and developed a great bonding with the goddess. He decorated the deity, sang divine songs in praise, talked to her and wept before her like a child because he longed to have a glimpse of Her. 
He dedicated his entire life to the worship of Goddess Mahakali and one day, the goddess appeared before him. After his enlightenment, Ramakrishna realised that there exists only one god, and it’s ‘Satchitananda’ that has taken various forms.
Satchitadanda where ‘Sat’ stands for satya or truth, absolute being or existence — that which is eternal and permanent.
Chit – consciousness, understanding and comprehension
Ananda – bliss, a state of pure happiness, joy and sensual pleasure. 
In Vedanta philosophy, Satchitadanda is a synonym for the three qualities a Brahmin must possess — pure consciousness, unity and ultimate reality. 

Mahakali Materialises to Destroy Evil, Negative Forces 

As her name suggests the Goddess Mahakali transcends time. She is dark, denotes the womb of the universe from which all creatures are born and into which they will finally return. Her hair is let loose. One of her four hands clutches a demon’s severed head that drips blood and the other holds a curved sword representing knowledge. She wears a garland of 51 skulls and a girdle of dismembered arms to show that the body is false and the spirit or soul is real. Her looks does not mean that she’s evil, but denotes the pure and invisible energy. She always presents herself when evil rears its ugly head and destroys it for righteousness to prevail.

How Mahakali Homam on Ramakrishna Jayanti Can Be Useful

It brings peace and mental satisfaction into your life
The homa removes fear in mind and gives success, 
Eliminates the effects of black magic from you & entire family
It reduces ego and other negative qualities 
It leads to spiritual progress and material prosperity 
Divine Celebrations for the Greatest Spiritual Guru of All Times 

Maha Kali Homam - Guru Puja

Guru Puja Provides Mental Peace & Blessings of Guru

Guru puja pays obeisance to revered teachers, provides peace to mind and fetches blessings of Guru.
Ramakrishna was a great spiritual guru and also guru to another spiritual master swami Vivekananda. It deals with kalasa avahanam to propitiate the great stalwart and spiritual guru, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.