Aadi Velli – A Time When the Divine Powers Of Shakti Are Doubled

During the Aadi month, the sun begins its journey southward from North and is called Dakshinayana Punya Kala. For devas, its night time or twilight zone and they are engaged in worshipping the Maha Shakthi to remove darkness from their lives. Lord Shiva is with his consort and therefore her powers are doubled during this month. The mother protects her devotees from all negative forces and therefore regarded as the most auspicious month of the year for Devi worship. The sun steers its way to enter the Kataka rasi (Cancer sign that is ruled by the Moon) and hence this month is also called Karkataka.
Friday Rituals Invite Materialistic Auspiciousness
Friday is Shukravar or the day of planet Shukra, Venus. This planet signifies beauty, wealth, and materialistic auspiciousness. A Vedic story tells that Goddess Lakshmi, a form of Shakti was given to King of Devas, Lord Indra by a sage. Lord Indra neglected the goddess which annoyed the sage who in turn cursed the Devas and asked the guru of demigods Shukracharya to look after the wealth goddess. He did as he was told and therefore his day Shukravar or Friday became so auspicious for female deity worship.
Vedicfolks will perform four homams for four Fridays of Aadi that is so synonymous with austerity, spirituality and godliness. The rituals have been carefully chosen to venerate the super feminine powerhouse Maha Shakthi who destroys evil and upholds righteousness.  The following yagyas also provide manifold blessings during this divine month for a devotee to achieve all wishes in life.

Ashta Matrika Homam | Scheduled Live on Aug 10, 2018 @ 6 PM IST(4th Friday)

Overcome Struggles, Resist Evil, Achieve Supremacy
Ashta Matrika - Aadi VelliAn arrogant and mighty demon Andhakasura tormented the deities in heaven. He was so proud of his immortality, a boon granted to him by Lord Brahma, that no celestial power could destroy him. Lord Shiva offered to help and a fierce battle ensued between the two. When Shiva’s trident attacked him, blood gushed out and every drop took multiple forms of the demon. The Lord was furious and from his mouth fire emanated and resulted in the manifestation of Goddess Yogishwari.
The other forms were manifested from other deities totalling eight in number. Vaishnavi from Lord Vishnu, Brahmani from Lord Brahma, Indrani from Lord Indra, Kaumari from Lord Karthikeyan,  Maheshwari from Lord Shiva, Varahi from Lord Varaha, Narasimhi or Pratingira from Lord Narasimha. The eight divine mothers (Ashta Matrika) riding animal mounts like goose, bull, tiger etc., assist Mahakali in successfully restoring equilibrium to the threatened universe.
Invoking the Blessings of Powerful Ashta Matrika for Overall Well-Being
* Brahmani Homam - Brahmani Homam helps to achieve mental peace by avoiding stress.
* Vaishnavi Homam - Vaishnavi homam grants relief from all sorts of dangers and frequent mishaps in life.
* Maheshvari Homam - Maheshvari Homam protects against dangers from wild animals.
* Indrani Homam - Goddess Indrani blesses her devotees with complete joy in life.
* Kaumari Homam - Goddess Kaumari when invoked grants blessings of power to overcome struggles and to get relief from heat related diseases.
* Varahi Homam - Goddess Varahi wards away evil eye casting, black magic and misfortunes in life.
* Chandi or Chamundi Homam - Chandi Homam bestows a person with power and supremacy to achieve all endeavours.
* Narasimhi or Pratyangira Homam - Narasimhi or Pratyangira Homam fulfils the requirements of an individual by avoiding lawsuits, enemies’ problems and other issues.

Significance of Ashta Matrika Homa

The main and common benefit of performing AshtaMatrika Maha yagya is that the devotees will get blessings from all the eight divine goddess and also blessed with various boons in life to overcome struggles and break free from all kinds of evil effects.


  • Ashta Matrika homam fetches blessings of all eight divine goddess and also stay blessed with various boons in life to overcome struggles and get relief from all types of evil effects.
  • The ritual pleases the consorts of the powerful goddesses, like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Indra etc.
  • Get relief from heat related diseases like chicken pox, body heat etc
  • Get blessings of power and supremacy to achieve all endeavour

Chintpurni Chinnamastika Devi Temple Puja Banishes Your Sufferings & Grants Desires


The word Chinth means concerns and Purni is one who satisfies or fulfills. So Chintpurni is a mother who banishes your sufferings and bestows you with joy. She removes anxiety and worries and grants desires. A puja in her temple, situated in Himachal Pradesh, will ensure that you don’t go empty handed for she gets pleased easily and blesses you with all that you want. Chinthpurni temple is one of the Shakti peethas and the main deity is Goddess Chinnamastha, the headless goddess who stands as symbol of supreme sacrifice, free from desire and capable of spiritual advancement.

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  • Ashta Matrika Homam
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  • Ashta Matrika Homam
  • Chintpurni Chinnamastika Devi Temple Puja
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