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Muruga Homam – For vanquishing enemies and ensuring victory in all your endeavours

 What can day do?

What can karma do?

What can planet do?

What can the merciless fate do?

If Kumaresa's feet, anklets, ornaments, spear,

And the six faces come and appear before me!


a renowned devotee of Lord Muruga 

Lord Muruga is the son of God Shiva who plays a key role in protecting people from evil forces and enemies. He is also known by different names and show ways for living a happy and wealthy life. According to Vedic scriptures, offering prayers and Vedic rituals on him may lead to several advantages in life. Muruga homam results in various benefits for people who want to achieve goals quickly. It also helps to get blessings from Lord Muruga for ensuring peace, prosperity and wealth to a wider extent.

 Why Muruga homam?

Muruga is considered as the destroyer of obstacles who fulfill the desires of devotees whenever they face troubles.
•    Muruga homam is a suitable one for getting relief from health problems in an effective manner.
•    Performing this homam will help to gain more wealth, wisdom and decision making skills.
•    Anyone who wants to recover from litigation issues can choose this homam for experiencing peace of mind.
•    Moreover, it is possible to attain all round success with Muruga homam by meeting exact requirements.

Benefits of Muruga Homam 

•    Muruga homam is a suitable one for removing the doshas, karmic issues and malefic effects of planets in a horoscope.
•    Also, it shows ways for establishing financial stability and improving relationships with others.
•    In addition, this homam provides methods for controlling debts to live a problem less life.
•    People who want to recover from mental disturbances and ill forces can organize this homam to witness major changes.

Ideal days to conduct Muruga Homam

Tuesdays with Shasthi Tithis are the best one to conduct Muruga homam for obtaining optimum results.

Organizing Muruga Homam

Muruga homam can be done with a leading Vedic firm for getting desired outcomes. Vedic folks is a leading Vedic consulting company which helps to perform Muruga homam with expert priests and pundits. One can also plan the event at the right time after analyzing birth charts in a horoscope. Online support is also available for booking the homam services in advance.


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